As graduation season soon approaches, more students will begin their search, but as a result of the pandemic, they may find it more challenging. 

Recent grads face a higher unemployment rate than the overall population, which currently stands at 11.1% for those ages 16-24.

When looking for a job, many want both a high starting salary and high growth for compensation and responsibility, as well as stability and passion for what they do.

To help those entering one of the most competitive job to date, WalletHub, the website, compared more than 100 different types of entry-level positions based on 12 key metrics. Their findings include average starting salary to projected job growth by 2029, as well as median tenure with an employer.

According to the , these are the best and worst entry-level jobs in 2021, with their average salaries according to glassdoor.

Best entry-level jobs:

  1. Systems Engineer – $84,717
  2. Engineer – $83,103
  3. Web Applications Developer – $79,860
  4. Environmental, Health, and Safety Engineer – $72,865
  5. Hardware Engineer – $100,741
  6. Certified Nursing Assistant – Nursing Home Salaries – $44,756
  7. Electronics Engineer – $81,989
  8. Electrical Engineer – $80,234
  9. Operations Research Analyst – $99,640
  10. Programmer – $75,425


Worst entry-level jobs:

      99. Mechanical Drafter – $46,315

     100. Aircraft Painter – $43,044

     101. Emergency Dispatcher – $35,402

     102. Sheetmetal Mechanic – $54,816

     103. Carpenter – $44,005

     104. Building Inspector – $52,876

     105. Refinery Operator – $37,625

     106. Floor Assembler – $35,862

     107. Boilermaker – $45,733

     108. Welder – $47,025

The report also shows other metrics such as the highest and lowest starting salaries. attorneys, drilling engineers, and rank among the highest starting salaries, whereas teaching assistants, bank tellers, and certified nursing assistants stand at the bottom.

Overall, tax attorneys have the highest average starting salary of $101,034, which is almost six times higher than that of a teaching assistant.

The highest income growth potential is also included, showing that employee relations specialists and consumer loan officers have the highest potential compared to tellers and new account representatives, who have the lowest.

Additionally, the fastest projected job growth by 2029 was also in the study, which expects certified occupational therapist assistants and information security analysts to have the most growth compared to painters and bank tellers, who are expected to have the least growth by 2029.